2016 Update, pt. 2!

I need to post a big life update post, but it’s the end of the day right now and I want to slink off to bed, so here’s a condensed version.

  • I started working for Affect3D.com this past month. It’s only part-time at the moment, but it’s the start of a full transition toward working in the 3D animated porn industry. I’ve wanted to do this for a while but Miro has given me an opportunity to do it. I’ll be blogging at Affect3D a few times a month (This is my author page if you want to see what I’m writing), maintaining their social media accounts, and occasionally working on the scripts (either story, script, or editing) for their productions. I’ll keep voice acting, too, of course. =)
  • I’ve made some changes to the commenting system on GSB because the site kept getting flagged for malware/virus infections, and I have to assume it was from embedded links and garbage in pending comments. You’ll have to register to comment now, and I’ll need to approve your first comment before your comments show up. There’s also some anti-spam plugin that should help.
  • Twitter is the easiest way to get in touch with me until I get the malware/virus thing sorted: @mariefasolt
  • I did some voice acting for VirtualLust, playing the title character in Neva. It’s an Android game and there’s a mpeg version too if you don’t have an Android device.
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2016 Update!

I can’t imagine anyone is actually reading this, but just incase, here is an update.

I’m going to be working on my site a bit so I can get back into blogging this year. It’s going to be a bit ugly for a while, and older content on the site might be broken until I get some new plugins that don’t flag as malware setup. I also need to get the new WordPress theme setup, as my last one was not well supported enough to continue being updated.

As for where I was, I was juggling a bunch of life changes (big move, new job, new relationship, that sort) and blogging ended up low on the priority list. I did recently complete some more voice work for Miro over at affect3d.com, if you’re interested in that, if not tune in around the second week of February for more content.

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This time I’m a blonde

Just wanted to post a quick update… In April I started recording audio for a new project over at Affect3D.com. Miro is working on his first, fully animated project, and asked me if I’d assist him with some of the vocals. There are currently two teasers available for your viewing pleasure, so go check them out and let us know what you think.

I’ve only recorded speaking lines so far, but later today I’ll be doing my first session of moans, gasps, sighs, and everything in between. I’m still not sure if I’ll be a part of the final cut, but so far I’m pretty excited to be working on the project. The official trailer absolutely blew my mind when I screened it, and I’m really looking forward to jumping into my “lines” for it tonight.

Oh, I’m also actively writing some erotica again. I think it’ll be done within the next week, though I’m not absolutely sure. Either way, I’ll link that too when it’s done.

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Giveaway winners

Just wanted to write up a quick note letting everyone know the RNG has decided (7 and 5) and I’ve just now e-mailed the winners. Please make sure you can receive e-mail from me (marie@geekysexblog.com). Thanks!

If you didn’t win this time, worry not. I’ll do something again in the future. <3

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The adventure of girl and dildo, prologue

I’ve always been curious about dildos.

In my younger and more culturally conditioned years, I was intrigued by their existence but didn’t care much for the look of them. I would think to myself, “Why would anyone want a floppy, dismembered penis for a sex toy?” The aesthetic of the silicone vibrator had so much more appeal to me, with its sleek, modern designs and rainbow of color options. Some of them looked more like art than sex toys, while others were girly and cute. (This same quality offered some discreteness as well, which was ideal when I was living at home in high school.)

Years later, when my sexual curiosity developed into actual sexual desire, I came to understand why a person would want a sex toy to look like a real cock. The sight of a hard cock had become more than just arousing, it was alluring — stirring up feelings, sounds, and tastes I now craved…

Still, I held to the idea that dildos were inferior to vibrators. After all, there wasn’t much difference between them, and wasn’t a dildo just a vibrator missing its vibration function? Oh, how little I knew…

I don’t know exactly what compelled me to want a dildo. Perhaps it was the discovered aesthetic appeal, or simple curiosity. Maybe it was the 50% off coupon I had from listening to the Savage Love podcast, or just that I wasn’t getting out enough for a good pounding since starting a full-time job. (Honestly, it was probably all of those things together, but I feel there should have been one clear and pivotal moment where it all came together and broke me.) Whatever it was, I decided one day that I wanted one.

And so began the process of trying to find the perfect dildo.
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Ayako – Sex Addiction Giveaway

Over a year ago I mentioned that I had completed a small collaboration project with Miro of Affect3D.com. He had asked if I’d be willing to supply my voice for a 3D animated photo set he was making about a busty, sex addicted girl named Ayako. I obliged, and for several weeks tried to keep my roommates from thinking I was being tortured while I recorded myself masturbating without holding back all the noises I make. The result was a recording I thought was acceptable, but still could use a lot of improvements if I ever had another shot at it.

Anyway, I recently got in contact with Miro again and he was kind enough to send me some uncensored copies of Ayako – Sex Addiction. As I said in my post from a year ago, I wanted to give two copies out to my readers… So if you want one, please leave a comment and register using some sort of email (throwaway is fine) that will allow me to get in contact with you later. Next week (December 15th, 11:59pm Eastern US time) I’ll count up the comments I have on this blog post, and pick two random winners with a RNG. Good luck! <3

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Achievement Unlocked, pt. 2

Remember my original Achievement Unlocked post, about how no one has ever been able to make me come? Well, someone finally unlocked the achievement late last month. World first!

Fun facts…

  • Registered between VII and VIII on the Fasolt Intensity Scale.
  • I was wearing this, sans panties, with black stockings (instead of red). It was date night, and I like my lingerie.
  • I half broke the poor fellow’s glasses. During my typical, self-induced orgasms, my legs will often close tightly and draw toward my torso involuntarily. With his head in the way, I couldn’t flail freely so I ended up squashing his glasses between my thighs, as well as trekking my feet all over the top of his head and upper back. Fortunately, his glasses had been broken before and I simply undid the glue that had been holding them together. I assisted in putting them back together at least! Oops…
  • Apparently I have the perfect pussy to be a soft core porn model in Australia. (More on that later.)
  • He’s been able to repeat the results with ease. To continue the World of Warcraft analogy, he’s got my pussy on farm.

So what did he do? How did he succeed when so many others have failed? Well, it wasn’t with any special tantric sex technique or the discovery of a magical, uncharted location in my pussy — Sorry if you were hoping for something quick and easy to apply in your own life.

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Monkey rocker: stupid name, amazing in all other ways


[Video was deleted]

While writing another GSB post over the weekend, I submitted a search query for “horse dildo.” I was looking for a website I’d once seen that sold silicone dildos in the shape of horse cocks (you’ll understand why when you read the post later this week) but I got distracted from my writing when I found the video clip above.

It’s apparently called a Monkey Rocker and I want one. Preferably as my computer chair, but I’d take one for the living room in maple or dark cherry. Sadly, they’re quite expensive. 700 bucks for a mass-produced looking one in black, or 2-3k for something like what you see in the video. Function over form, I know, but the basic one seems so sterile.

I linked the clip to law student guy (and told him he should buy me one when he’s a rich and soulless lawyer). He sent me back this clip from the film Burn After Reading. I haven’t seen it, but the lines from George Clooney echo how I feel exactly. 700 bucks? Pft, I could make that for less than $100… If I had the tools anyway. I haven’t been in a wood shop since I did theater in high school so it’s a bit out of the question these days. Damn.

Coincidentally though, my bank asked me if I’d like to open a savings account for the first time over the weekend, even though I’ve been banking with them since I was 16. Maybe this is a sign I should start saving up for one? I did use my first debit card from this very same bank to buy my first vibrator…

This would be sooo awesome while playing League of Legends or WoW. Marie makes whining “I want it” noises.

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A strange coincidence of pandas

It was a sunny afternoon in early July when I logged in to BoundGangbangs on a whim. I wasn’t especially horny at the time, but it had been over 3 weeks since I’d logged into the site (distracted irl by cute law student) and I felt guilty for letting my subscription go to waste.

When the site loaded I was greeted by pandas. Pandas fucking a girl.

I didn’t really know how to feel about it at the time, and honestly still don’t. It wasn’t that surprising (once you’ve seen pterodactyl porn, nothing is) but I didn’t find it especially hot either. I tried my best to get off to it, but all I could manage was some half-hearted masturbation while I skimmed through the video. It’s probably more up the alley of someone like lovingslut, a tumblr blogger who likes to wear animal tail butt plugs and has a video of herself fucking a giant teddy bear. I bet she’d like it.

Anyway, a few hours later I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I saw something that made my jaw drop. It was Teemo… Teemo in a fucking panda suit. I couldn’t believe it. Apparently this was one of the latest skins in League of Legends, and by some crazy coincidence I had found myself looking at it just hours after watching the BoundGangbangs shoot.

And I don’t know why but combining the two made me really wet. Suddenly my mind was painting the seedy sexual underbelly of the League of Legends; I imagined Riven the Exile getting pushed in her lane by panda Teemo, then being forced onto her knees and mercilessly face fucked after she lost her tower. While she choked on his furry yordle cock, I thought of the minions — Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, it’s absolutely ridiculous, but that’s what my brain does sometimes. I can’t help it!

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The problem with writing a sex blog

There is a sort of logistical problem with me writing a sex blog. Sure, I love doing it and I do feel I’m particularly well-equipped for tackling the subject matter, but it’s very hard to actually finish posts when everything I write eventually sabotages itself. Here is my typical writing process for Geeky Sex Blog posts.

1. Think of an idea for a post.
2. Start writing idea into a post.
3. Get horny while writing said post.
4. Become increasingly distracted by horniness.
5. Give in and masturbate.
6. Start writing again.
7. Get tired.
8. Take nap.

So every time I go to write a blog entry I’m racing against my own sex drive and the inevitable urge to masturbate. To make matters worse, I’m one of those writers who can’t just pick up where she left off last — I always have to go back and rework the whole thing before I can add to it again. The result of this is that I have nearly two dozen, half written drafts in a folder on my desktop and a blog that doesn’t get updated for months at a time.

I’ve tried inventing a solution for this problem, but so far I’ve only had one idea and it’s not easily implemented. It involves getting one of those BDSM chastity belts to deny myself access to my own pussy, locking myself up in it, then handing the key off to someone with the self-discipline to not unlock me until I can produce a finished draft. If the draft is approved, the key holder could unlock me, and then, ideally, fuck my brains out.

[Geeky Sex Blog is currently accepting applications for a kinky copy editor.]

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GSB Lite

(8.25.2016) Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday earlier this month. I'm shocked people remember. <3<3<3

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