Achievement Unlocked, pt. 2

Remember my original Achievement Unlocked post, about how no one has ever been able to make me come? Well, someone finally unlocked the achievement late last month. World first!

Fun facts…

  • Registered between VII and VIII on the Fasolt Intensity Scale.
  • I was wearing this, sans panties, with black stockings (instead of red). It was date night, and I like my lingerie.
  • I half broke the poor fellow’s glasses. During my typical, self-induced orgasms, my legs will often close tightly and draw toward my torso involuntarily. With his head in the way, I couldn’t flail freely so I ended up squashing his glasses between my thighs, as well as trekking my feet all over the top of his head and upper back. Fortunately, his glasses had been broken before and I simply undid the glue that had been holding them together. I assisted in putting them back together at least! Oops…
  • Apparently I have the perfect pussy to be a soft core porn model in Australia. (More on that later.)
  • He’s been able to repeat the results with ease. To continue the World of Warcraft analogy, he’s got my pussy on farm.

So what did he do? How did he succeed when so many others have failed? Well, it wasn’t with any special tantric sex technique or the discovery of a magical, uncharted location in my pussy — Sorry if you were hoping for something quick and easy to apply in your own life.

Anyway, as far as I’ve been able to observe from my end, he just uses an ordinary combination of oral sex and fingering, not unlike what others have performed on me in the past. What makes it different is that he seems a lot more in control of what he’s doing; if I say something feels good, he is able to precisely repeat whatever that is, and for quite some time.

This might not seem like much of a feat to some of you, but with all the experiences I’ve had, this guy might as well be a sex god (okay, maybe not a god, but you get the point). Typically in the past, if I told someone, “That feels good, keep doing that and I’ll come,” one of three things would happen.

  1. He’d immediately start doing whatever he was just doing faster or more forcefully. This always resulted in things not feeling so good anymore, which put me in the uncomfortable spot of telling him, “Uh no, sorry, you lost it there.”
  2. He’d keep doing what he was doing but over time would slowly shift to another spot on my pussy that was mostly unresponsive to stimuli. When I’d say, “No, can you go back?” he either wouldn’t be able to find his way back to where he was, or (sigh!) he’d claim he hadn’t moved at all.
  3. He’d keep doing what he was doing, but after a while would get exhausted and stop.

Talking with law student guy (he’s the one who unlocked the achievement, fyi) after the fact, he offered a bit of insight about what it’s like to go down on me. He explained that my clit is rather well protected by my outer labia (which I’ve mentioned before are very full and fleshy) and that makes it harder to access.

This same characteristic, he noted, would make me an ideal soft core porn model in Australia — A reference to this article about the rise of labiaplasty being performed and how it’s illegal to show a woman’s labia minora or clitoris is Australian soft core porn. To meet censorship guidelines, porn models there are frequently Photoshopped to have a “neat and tidy” pussy, where the outer labia conceals the clit and inner labia. Since my pussy looks that way naturally though, I’d be well-suited to the job… So I guess I know where to go if I’m ever hard on my luck.

Getting back to the point, I feel like this just reinforces my idea that good oral sex is supposed to be a physically demanding (if not exhausting) ordeal. I knew from other guys that going down on girls is pretty strenuous, but I’d come to a point where I wondered if some people (like me) were completely unable to come at the hands of another person and there was no point in even trying anymore. Law student guy hypothesized correctly though — thinking that if I could make myself come, there was no reason he shouldn’t have been able to as well — All it just took the right constant and repetitive motion. So let that be yet another reminder to anyone who likes to receive oral sex but doesn’t like giving it because it’s tiring… It’s supposed to be!

As for how it felt, well, it was what I expected it to be… Just like any amazing orgasm I could give myself, except my arm wasn’t sort afterward. =)

Oh, and I know I said I didn’t have any tips earlier for those of you with difficult-to-make-come girls in your lives, but I have made one observation of note. The first time I came with law student guy’s head between my legs, I was laying flat on my back with my head hanging off the side of the bed, and it took maybe 20 to 25 minutes to make me come. The two times after that, however, I came in half the time. Obviously part of that is because he knew his way around better, but I also felt like part of it was my position. I had a couple of pillows under my back, propping me up slightly the next two times and I really felt like it was easier to come that way. May be worth trying if the girl you’re going down on is anything like me.

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2 comments on “Achievement Unlocked, pt. 2
  1. Darmass says:

    Hey, I am glad you could come :D (pun intended)
    And congratulation to the Student guy I guess.

    Good to see you posting again, but I guess since you got served pretty good that you didn’t get horny writing xD

    • Marie says:

      =) I’ll admit, that certainly helped, though this post took plenty long to write in the end too (I’ve been hacking away at it for like 2 weeks).

      Hopefully I can finish another up in the next week though. I hate the 4 months gaps in my updating when I have so much to say, but I guess I’m a bit of a slow writer at times.