Giveaway winners

Just wanted to write up a quick note letting everyone know the RNG has decided (7 and 5) and I’ve just now e-mailed the winners. Please make sure you can receive e-mail from me ( Thanks!

If you didn’t win this time, worry not. I’ll do something again in the future. <3

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7 comments on “Giveaway winners
  1. Jingo says:

    When I saw I didn’t win, I decided to buy it. And while I was “playing” it. lol. I started to wonder, were you using a vibrator or something during some of the recording, because I think I could hear a slight vibration sound, during some of your more… intense moans. xD Just wondering~ :3

    • Marie says:

      There was one track that didn’t record right, but we didn’t have time to do another before the release of the censored version. It sounded like there was some problem in how it was compressed, so maybe that was the part you were listening to.

      If not, it was probably my computer running in the background. I was only using my fingers, promise!

      • Jingo says:

        Were any of it faked or forced moans? :o To do a session where you have to deliver seems like hard work, or am I wrong? o.o And what about retakes? It just sounds exhausting to me.

        • marie says:

          The moans weren’t faked but they’re not what I ordinarily sound like either because I usually hold back how loud I am as a courtesy to neighbors and roommates. I find orgasms feel better when I can be as loud as I like, but it’s a rare luxury these days.

          As for the exhaustion, I usually didn’t do more than one take per day.

          • Jingo says:

            Have you gotten any life experience from being part of “Ayako Sex Addiction”. Like something special you have learned that have brightened something up in your life? If you don’t mind me asking? ^.^

  2. SoW says:

    Sweet!! Gonna Download this right away : D

    ps, thank you Jingo and Marie for the dialouge! It, ll make things more interesting (#^__^#)

    • Jingo says:

      Thanks :3

      I’m just a fan of her writing skills, and I simply only want her to get more people to read her stuff. ^.^

      Merry Christmas~ >w<