This time I’m a blonde

Just wanted to post a quick update… In April I started recording audio for a new project over at Miro is working on his first, fully animated project, and asked me if I’d assist him with some of the vocals. There are currently two teasers available for your viewing pleasure, so go check them out and let us know what you think.

I’ve only recorded speaking lines so far, but later today I’ll be doing my first session of moans, gasps, sighs, and everything in between. I’m still not sure if I’ll be a part of the final cut, but so far I’m pretty excited to be working on the project. The official trailer absolutely blew my mind when I screened it, and I’m really looking forward to jumping into my “lines” for it tonight.

Oh, I’m also actively writing some erotica again. I think it’ll be done within the next week, though I’m not absolutely sure. Either way, I’ll link that too when it’s done.

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6 comments on “This time I’m a blonde
  1. danny says:

    your voice, assuming you were that blonde, was awesome.

    but those titties, tooooooooooo big :3

    • marie says:

      Tara’s breasts are quite normal sized, by comparison. It amuses me that Miro calls them “bee stings.”

  2. Darmass says:

    Just saw a tweet from you and had to check if there is a new article :D

    Good to see that you are alive and kickin’.

    The quality is really good. Your voice is very soft (i like it, but i guess that is subjective^^) and you don’t butcher the names like some do.

    In my opinion Tara is more fit to be in the ‘she is so cute I just have to have her’ role. I don’t know if it are the giant breasts of sayaka or the very revealing outfit that doesn’t fit with her role (at least the part in the little vid I could see) or maybe just the whole black theme about her. Well, I can live with how it is, it just struck me as odd.

    Really glad that you are back Marie^^
    I hope you keep us in the loop of how things are going with your new assignment.

    • Darmass says:

      oh man, thought my comment wasn’t posted for a second. Got me confused that it only shows that there are 2 comments, since mine was the 3rd. maybe it will update it later^^.

  3. mirC says:

    How come you stopped writing=(

    • marie says:

      Lots of life changes! I’m going got come back to it after I get the site back up and running. Apparently not touching it for a year and a half, lots of updates have broken all my wordpress plugins.