Geeky Sex Blog was opened to the public on March 2, 2011 as a place to share and confess the sexual exploits, thoughts, and fantasies of a geeky girl named Marie. Somewhat inspired by the words “Talk nerdy to me,” Marie applies her straight forward personality and over-analytical mind to discussing sex in an open and often geeky way.

Looking for pics? Though you should never expect to see a picture of Marie’s face (I do need to be able to keep my day job) bits and pieces of her will show up in her writing from time to time. If you take a look around you’ll likely find an occasional photo.

Geek credentials Academically, you won’t find Marie culturing bacteria in a lab or hammering out lines of code – she is a nerd of the arts. Her specialties include philosophy,¬†history, law, literature, and sociology. For recreational geekery, Marie enjoys playing video games (Starcraft2, World of Warcraft, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, the usuals), Dungeons & Dragons, and board games like Settlers of Catan or Betrayal at House on the Hill. She loves reading comics of all origins, American (Watchmen, Ultimate X-Men, Y, Supergirl), Japanese (Berserk), and webcomics (xkcd, Oglaf, Order of the Stick.)¬†She also reads science fiction, fantasy, and normal-person fiction, too. She does watch some anime but is more of a retired fan – she still enjoys the genre though, particularly when it involves tentacles. She spends way too much money at Etsy.com, uses StumbleUpon.com excessively, and wants a Welsh Corgi.

Basics Marie is a 24-year old, graduate with a degree in Creative Writing and minors in Philosophy and Art. Before you comment, she has never intended to use her degree to get a job. In addition to all her nerdy interests, she also enjoys lots of mainstream things like drawing, singing, cooking, and crafting. She likes to dabble in filmmaking, and loves couture fashion.

Credits GSB’s geeky girl silhouette is provided with permission by egoform of DeviantArt. Check him out!

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