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The past few weeks I’ve been collaborating with The Dude. We’re working on some new characters and story to go with it, and yesterday we decided to throw together a sample. The first is Mari, a half Asian (like me!

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For your reading pleasure

Affect3D has published a bunch of writing from me over the past several months, so if you’re in the habit of checking my blog but not A3D, here are the highlights: A weakness for cock — A sexy, slutty confessional.

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2016 Update, pt. 2!

I need to post a big life update post, but it’s the end of the day right now and I want to slink off to bed, so here’s a condensed version. I started working for this past month. It’s

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2016 Update!

I can’t imagine anyone is actually reading this, but just incase, here is an update. I’m going to be working on my site a bit so I can get back into blogging this year. It’s going to be a bit

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This time I’m a blonde

Just wanted to post a quick update… In April I started recording audio for a new project over at Miro is working on his first, fully animated project, and asked me if I’d assist him with some of the

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Giveaway winners

Just wanted to write up a quick note letting everyone know the RNG has decided (7 and 5) and I’ve just now e-mailed the winners. Please make sure you can receive e-mail from me ( Thanks! If you didn’t win

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The adventure of girl and dildo, prologue

I’ve always been curious about dildos. In my younger and more culturally conditioned years, I was intrigued by their existence but didn’t care much for the look of them. I would think to myself, “Why would anyone want a floppy,

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Ayako – Sex Addiction Giveaway

Over a year ago I mentioned that I had completed a small collaboration project with Miro of He had asked if I’d be willing to supply my voice for a 3D animated photo set he was making about a

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Achievement Unlocked, pt. 2

Remember my original Achievement Unlocked post, about how no one has ever been able to make me come? Well, someone finally unlocked the achievement late last month. World first! Fun facts… Registered between VII and VIII on the Fasolt Intensity

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Monkey rocker: stupid name, amazing in all other ways

  [Video was deleted] While writing another GSB post over the weekend, I submitted a search query for “horse dildo.” I was looking for a website I’d once seen that sold silicone dildos in the shape of horse cocks (you’ll

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