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Marie’s mediocre guide to performing oral sex on a woman

[So I was 8 paragraphs into writing a reply to the question “do you have any tips for giving oral to a girl?” when I realized it would be easier to blog my response.] I’m not the most qualified person

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Happy Steak and a Blowjob Day

If you didn’t know, today is Steak and a Blowjob Day. I didn’t find out about S&BJ-Day ’til I got to college a few years ago. Me and the other weirdo in the dorm made quick friends among the hardcore

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Your erection and you

Every now and then I’ll be talking with a guy about how I’m horny all the time and I like to masturbate several times a day if I’m able. Sometimes instead of masturbation we’ll talk about how I absolutely adore

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