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Monkey rocker: stupid name, amazing in all other ways

  [Video was deleted] While writing another GSB post over the weekend, I submitted a search query for “horse dildo.” I was looking for a website I’d once seen that sold silicone dildos in the shape of horse cocks (you’ll

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One of these things is not like the other

You know how when you’re checking out on Amazon and you’re shy of the super saver shipping by like 4 bucks, so you go looking for something cheap to get the free shipping? I always try to think of something

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Review: Liquid V

Shortly after I published my Achievement Unlocked article, I was contacted by a reader who I will affectionately refer to as Gatsby (because if you’re going to give someone an alias, you might as well make it a badass one.)

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Link plug: Cat 5-o’-nine-tails and Quizzical Pussy

I’m in absolute awe at this. Quizzical Pussy linked this flogger yesterday and it’s too amazing to not plug. It’s a Cat 5-o’-nine-tails! Squee! Isn’t it amazing? You can buy one over at from the seller feralswirl. Also, so

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GSB Arts & crafts: glhf panties

In addition to being a writer and an insatiable whore (I say this ironically) I’m also a big fan of arts & crafts. Glue guns, pipe cleaner, pom poms – I love it all. So the other day when I

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HapPenis Hats (via Fleshbot)

For the longest time I have talked about making small outfits for mens’ penises. Thus, I truly cannot express the joy I felt when I saw this site linked over at HapPenis Hats. They make hats for your cock!

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Fuck you, Sarah Jessica Parker

When I was a kid in late elementary school and early middle school I used to stay up late all the time on AOL in the nerdy RP and anime chatrooms. While I talked with all the people pretending to

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Book plug: The Death of Bunny Munro

I recently started reading a novel by Nick Cave called The Death of Bunny Munro. If you’re an American you might not have heard of Nick, but internationally he’s a well-known singer and lyricist with a long and successful career.┬áHe’s

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