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Checking out Red Light Center

For the longest time I’ve wanted to try out an online game called Red Light Center. It’s a sex MMO. Now, I know you’re probably laughing at the concept. I remember the first time I told a friend about it.

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Link plug: Sex in games, Rez + Vibrator

If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted a lot in the past week it’s because I’ve been working on a very substantial post for the site. I’ve dedicating a lot of my free time to it so far but having

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The secrets of Ulduar

As you may already know, I play World of Warcraft. I’ve played for about three years and though it’s sometimes been hard to balance my schedule around the game, I’ve kept up with it enough to have played at a

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Priests and panties

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this particular topic but I wanted to very quickly express a big “WTF” at the fourth guy priest I’ve met in World of Warcraft who has a panty fetish. Now don’t

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Wanted: More female pro gamers for SC2

Since I’m an SC2 junkie, I watch a lot of GSL over at GomTV. I love everything about it but I really wish there were more female pro gamers. There are a few out there, but none of them are

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Want it from behind while you play Super Mario Brothers ? – m4w

I first came upon this Craigslist ad last summer when it was reposted on the local casual encounters section. (You’ll learn later that I go through phases of being a Craigslist junkie.) I quickly messaged the guy who posted it

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Describe Your Sex-Life in One WoW Term

This is for the WoW players. I recently stumbled upon an amazing thread at MMO-Champion called “Describe your Sex-Life in One WoW Term. It’s like every “I blew Heroism on my gf last night” joke, multiplied by awesome. I’ve been

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