BCBirth control.

CommunistsA reference to the expression “there are communists in the funhouse” which according to the book Flow, is a Danish euphemism for a woman’s period.

“Dating”A term people use to describe what they do with their boyfriends or girlfriends, even if there isn’t and never was any dating involved. To date someone means you are actively arranging points in time and place where you can meet and share time with that person with the prospect or continued prospect of romantic interaction. If you get to know someone through your daily activities (school or work, usually) and happen to become a couple in the process you are not necessarily dating. You could be fucking, kissing, hell, you could be living together, but you are not dating until you both start trying to see each other outside of your normal routine at a certain date. In this same vein, a pair of people who are dating might not necessarily regard one another as a boyfriend or girlfriend but through the process of dating, are exploring that possibility. This all said, “dating” is commonly used to describe exclusive romantic interaction between a couple out of convenience.

Dead Fish GirlA girl who lies there and gets fucked like a dead fish. Not fun to watch be fucked. Presumably not enjoyable to fuck either.

Eiffel TowerWhen a girl bends over to suck on a guys cock, then gets fuck from behind by another. The “Eiffel Tower” is formed by the two guys, presumably bros, sharing a high five.

GF pornHomemade or faux-homemade porn between a boyfriend and girlfriend. Couples tend to appear more candid and natural on camera. A nice option for people who don’t like the fake-ness of mainstream porn. Sadly, GF porn tends to be hosted on the most questionable sites.

LametartA GSB-original insult for a boring, possibly insecure individual. It is a bastardization of Poptart and Weaksauce and comes from the same school of thought that brought you the insult “cock wallaby.” It should not be confused with “tart,” a term for a promiscuous woman or prostitute.

Ol’ RedThe nickname for my fire engine red vibrator. The name was first given when a friend of mine called to let me know he wouldn’t be able to make it over for sex that night. When I expressed my dismay he said, “Aww, you’ll be okay. You’ve still got ol’ red.” Red is a Heartbreaker II, manufactured by Fun Factory.

Sub AppealHaving qualities that appeal to my kinky and submissive side.

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