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This page will serve as an archive for my GSB Lite posts. GSB Lite is a place for me to share my small thoughts, ideas, and moods during the day without committing to a full length post. Posts marked with an asterisk(*) denote an idea I’d like to explore at a later date.

(8.25.2016) Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday earlier this month. I’m shocked people remember. <3<3<3

August 2016

(11.27.2012) I got tired of not being able to speak my mind on my main Reddit account, so I made a new account under the name GeekySexBlog. Now I can comment on all the Rule 34 stuff I want.

November 2012

(8.31.2012) I love the position she’s getting fucked in. And hey, it looks like she’s wearing Mageweave Leggings.

August 2012

(4.24.2012) “You know, your panties attract bees” – remark from a guy while I was laying down on his bed in just a pair of bright blue cotton panties.

(4.16.2012) Sometimes when I’m bored I like to play something I call porn roulette. I go to a site like Red Tube and put in random search terms like “Yankee Stadium” or “sushi” and see what comes up. Most of the time it’s nothing notable, but every so often, you’ll find a gem.

(4.3.2012) I’ve found myself giving props to guys who know how to properly pull my hair out of my face and hold it out of the way when I’m going down on them. They get extra points if they don’t use it like some sort of handle bar, too.

April 2012

(2.2.2012) A short exchange between me and Destiny: “Plus, you’re really good at using infestors.” “That means I should be really good in bed right?” Yes Steven… Yes.

(2.1.2012) Yes! I found them! (The lube I was describing a couple posts back.)

February 2012

(1.26.2012) I get frustrated watching blow jobs in porn because I always feel like I could do a better job than the porn star.

(1.20.2012) Once upon a time I found dissolvable lube tablets on Amazon that would make you wet for 1-2 days. They were either made by KY or Durex. I can’t find them now, and I feel incredibly devastated about it.

January 2012

(9.20.2011) “The best thing about adoption is it’s not incest.” Terrible joke I made to an adopted friend of mine recently. For some reason he immediately recoiled at the thought of fucking his sister — and here I was thinking about him fucking his mother.

September 2011

(7.6.2011) “Sticks and stones may break my bones But chains and whips excite me”

Don’t fuck whoever wrote these shitty lyrics.

(7.2.2011) I try to stay away from any hot tubs I encounter, lest it be a big bowl of eggdrop soup… if you follow my meaning.

July 2011

(6.30.2011) I realized that one of the things I enjoy most about sex is the conquest. There is nothing better than knowing that I could shoot a guy’s mother and he wouldn’t try to stop me if his cock was in my mouth.*

June 2011 (I was moving =P)

(5.31.2011) No wit or complexity required: I like my labia.

(5.26.2011) I feel that I am going to have to purchase this lipstick from Geek Chic Cosmetics in the color “Tentacle Grape” purely on principle.

(5.21.2011) There is something hilarious about sneezing while you masturbate and launching your vibrator out of your pussy in the process.

(5.18.2011) Though I love cum, I should warn you that you can’t rush brie. Always put it in the oven and give it the time it needs to warm properly. Microwave it and you’ll end up with cheese that looks and tastes like male ejaculate. Not good for serving to guests, even with crackers.

(5.15.2011) On the plus side, I bought a month’s subscription to a really good porn site and have been watching more gang bang porn than you could ever imagine.

(5.5.2011) I’m starting to wonder if guys online say they can only come a few times in one go so they don’t have to commit to much if it turns out you’re terrible in bed when they meet you.

May 2011

(4.26.2011) A quote from a friend that I giggled over: “According to these anti-porn people, if you get off on bondage, pain, humiliation, or name calling, you have a mental illness and should seek counseling.”

(4.22.2011) I’m not the kind of girl who will flash her tits at parties, but on the occasion where your shirt and bra both have 1/2″ horizontal stripes, the chance to trip people out with your boobs becomes really appealing. New goal: optical illusion lingerie.

(4.17.2011) Don’t forget this is the last day to enter the boob photoshop contest! Win the little Zergling that’s been hanging out with me for the past two weeks! <3

(4.16.2011) Never underestimate the power of good bedding. I fucked a guy once with bamboo linen sheets. I couldn’t get the sheets out of my mind for weeks so I went back for seconds.

(4.9.2011) Where are the updates? I’ve been a combination of sick, busy, and extremely tired (for reasons I haven’t figured out.) I’ll try to update later tonight. Don’t forget to enter the contest!

(4.6.2011) If I had a dollar for every time someone accused me of faking a sexy voice, I’d have more than a hundred dollars to cram down people’s fucking throats.

April 2011

(3.31.2011) Even though it’s not sexy, I wanted to wish Destiny good luck at MLG Dallas this weekend. Tear the face off some nerds! <3<3

(3.27.2011) I absolutely adore the definitions of “slut” at “The difference between a slut and a whore is a whore wants something in return, a slut does it just because she likes it.”

(3.24.2011) Destiny and I were mentioned on Pulse News for the NASL video we made =)

(3.23.2011) Two nerdette panty posts in a row. Go figure.

(3.21.2011) Last night my friends mentioned there was a one-eyed stripper at the local club. I got excited, thinking surely she was using this to her advantage to do pirate-themed dances. Sadly, she wasn’t, but it made me realize that I should move to Vegas and open a pirate-themed strip club. Twice a week we could have Pirates vs. Ninjas night and invite all the championship Asian pole dancers show up and do a West Side Story-style strip dance off.

(3.11.2011) Reposted from Twitter: I hate that there is ramp up time before a pussy gets wet. It’s like a stacking DPS trinket. You have to put in time to get the full effect. Cocks are like random proc trinkets; you randomly get the full effect for a short time then there is a cooldown before it can proc again.

(3.8.2011) I got a calendar with a bunch of blank smiley faces (aka circles) where you mark off the days with how you felt using a face.  =) for a good day, =D for a great day. I’m trying to figure out how to draw the face for “fucking horny as hell and can’t get anything done.”

(3.6.2011) I enjoy the subtle differences in a cashier’s movements when he rings up and bags your condom or lube purchase. If you’re buying lots of unrelated things, I notice they always speed up their bagging when they get to the good stuff, all while glancing up at you ever so slightly. What are they thinking?

(3.5.2011) I had the most elusive orgasm last night. It evaded me for almost an hour before I was able to pin it down. Now the right words for this story are doing the same thing. Someone get me a sniper rifle.

(3.4.2011) Thank you to ROOTDestiny and the viewers for having me on the stream yesterday! I had a lot of fun <3 I’ll update again tomorrow!

March 2011

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